the maker

Anthropologie Display Coordinator

Always challenging her artistic voice and talent; Melissa works in a wide variety of mediums. Most of her art encompasses a methodical and repetitive process. She experiments with traditional materials to make work that challenges her on an intellectual as well as aesthetic level. 

Her illustration and hand-lettering brand, penwomanship, is inspired by her passionate love for feminism and gender equality ideals and opinions. She recently launched her self-published adult coloring book called "i am enough: An Adult Coloring Book for the Feminist in All of Us" which can be found on This honest and powerful adult coloring book is filled with intricate botanical illustrations that frame hand lettered quotes based in feminism, women empowerment and gender equality. Each design was drawn meticulously by hand in pen, then digitized in illustrator. The title "i am enough" is a personal mantra that she hopes to spread to the owners of her coloring book. 

Upon graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Siena Heights University in May 2014, Melissa moved to New York City to explore and challenge herself, and in doing so, challenge her art. All of the artwork shown is contemporary, excluding some of her photography work. 

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