"i am enough" coloring book

It's real. It's finished. It's on Amazon! This coloring book was one of the largest projects I think I've ever done. I've always had dreams of making a book, I just never thought it would happen so suddenly.

With my own journey, through art and self reflection, I've come to the realization that yes, I am enough. This coloring book is filled with feminist, women empowering and gender equality quotes, that I feel very passionate about. Each one ignites a fire inside of me, telling me I am enough. I hope that fire spreads to the owners of this coloring book as well.

Alas, after coming home from work, just to dive into my artwork and many days off spent like a hermit in my room finishing this coloring book; it's done.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Thank you to the countless friends who, even though I neglected my time with them, they kept supporting me! Also, thank you to my parents and family, for your continued support.

You can find "i am enough: An Adult Coloring Book for the Feminist in All of Us" on Amazon.com and www.createspace.com/6207601