vortex : solo exhibition

The perception of time is subjective. It is easy to view life as a linear timeline of the past, present and future. I perceive time as a vortex of memories and experiences; a vortex of existence where memories are just fragments of experiences that evolve over time. The vortex represents the past, present and future of my life as it grows from one point (the past) into an increasing form towards the mouth of the vortex (the present) and leads into an empty void (the future).  Each intricate pattern represents a piece of me, and how I view my life.  The methodical and meditative processes used in this exhibition allow a perspective upon how life progresses or digresses by the hand of the person, and how it can unravel at any point. As a person who sees memories and experiences repeat and parallel in life; my perceptions of time are exaggerated with these repetitious and methodical processes. 

A site-specific Installation made out of 450 square feet of handprinted textiles.

Installation spanned 30 feet long and 9 feet in diameter.


Klemm Gallery     l      January 2014     l      BFA Senior Exhibition